Our mission is simple: to provide all political perspectives a platform to openly and honestly discuss their views in a free and charitable setting.

There is only one thing we ask from our contributors and readers and that is to be sincere in their approach and articulation.  

What sincerity means to us is multifaceted:


  • A contributor must be honest with themselves and the audience

  • A contributor must be charitable in their debate tactics and never attempt ‘gotcha’ moments

  • A contributor must operate in good-faith and be respectful of those they disagree with

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The PoliQuads Chart


Our PoliQuads chart was made because we found the most commonly used political graphs to be inadequate.  Political affiliations and beliefs are not something that you can be boxed into, but rather are made up of overlapping or competing ideologies and principles.







LEFT to RIGHT represents economics.

TOP to BOTTOM represents politics.

BOTTOM LEFT to TOP RIGHT represents how much a government attempts to control or influence their citizens through policy.

BOTTOM RIGHT to TOP LEFT represents how much a government emphasizes change (social and otherwise).

The extremes of the chart (Communism/Capitalism, Anarchism/Totalitarianism) are the underlying ideologies or economic systems that influence the other 'isms' near them. The diagonal extremes (Authoritarianism/Classical Liberalism, Progressivism/Conservatism) are the principles that shape the 'isms' near them.

Please note that the 'isms' used in this chart do not represent actual political parties.  "'Labour" does not mean the Labour Party of Great Britain, nor does Liberalism represent the Liberal Party of Canada, nor does Libertarianism represent the Libertarian Party in the US. 

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