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Antifa: Domestic Terrorists (Fascism 2.0)

Tore Lindeman - ToRe Says (Nationalism)

The term Antifa is the short form of the word anti-fascist. The word originates from the Italian word “fascismo” which is derived from the Latin word “fasces”. Fasces, in singular form, is the actual name for the emblem of power for Ancient Rome. The crest of rulers and legislators of ancient Rome, represented as a bundle or a sheaf, which in Italian is called “fascio”. The thought behind this symbol was justified by the notion that “one single stick can break easily, but a bundle of sticks is harder”. This bundle of sticks, a sheaf, have now been deemed the symbol of fascism.


It is important to note that fascism isn’t defined clearly because it is dependent on a perception that is personal and different for each individual. The definition of fascism can be broad by some, narrow making anti-fascism an ideology that is self-manufactured according to perception.


Antifascism and Anarchism have merged in the past two decades by way of symbolism, actions and even portion of ideologies that have caused confusion around the globe. They are considered dangerous Anarchists but “justified” because they oppose fascist ideologies, fascist groups and individuals.


Anarchism is defined as a political theory considering all government authority is excessive, unwarranted and undesirable and advocate for a society based on voluntary cooperation and free association of any persons and groups. Anarchists are extreme to “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” and believe violence is acceptable to achieve their goal. They are extreme libertarians.

Antifa of today is a blend of anarchism and perceptual antifascism which is a very dangerous combination. Antifascism is based on personal perception. Some may consider nationalism just and right but others consider it fascism. This is why it is so dangerous and feeds into the hive mentality of those which cannot discern differences and use broad brushes using the term “Nazi” for anyone that they believe are biased, racist and condemning fringe or traditional values that threaten their beliefs.


Antifa is dangerous. Interviewing Antifa Portland they advised me that their ultimate goal is to “punch” and eradicate “Nazis”.  I asked them to define “Nazi” and the response received indicates how dangerous they are and how their movement is by definition Domestic Terrorism.

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“Nazi’s are people who are white, that work in cubicles. Some of us that are against fascism are white, but they are trans, bi-sexual or homosexual. Only those whites are acceptable. If you are anti-LGBTQ you are our enemy. If you are white and have a 9-5 job you are a fascist. If you are a veteran or active duty military who representing any violence you are a fascist. If you are a police officer you are a fascist.”


Expressing concerns of such statements as I myself am a veteran, I am indifferent to LGBTQ and support a strong and prosperous America. The response I received was even more concerning.


“People like you who say they aren’t racist or bigots but support capitalism are fascist and don’t deserve the air you breathe.”

This is extremism and their outline on how they operate seem to align with what global, readily acknowledged terrorist groups subscribed to.

“Our violence is essential and effective. Killing, striking or destroying the lives of fascists is the ultimate goal. We support communist ideologies in combination with effective socialistic strategies. We live double lives, no one knows who we are and we cover our faces in order to reinforce the idea that we can be anyone and you wouldn’t know it. This terrifies fascists and when you terrify them they will obey the right way a society should function.”


Antifa must be recognized as a domestic terrorist group in the United States because they organize online to dox and target US citizens. They will find out where you work, where you live and attack you and your family to “teach your fascist friends” what happens when they support fascism.

I asked them to define “fascism” and what is acceptable to them. I don’t discriminate, I don’t support suppression but I am pro-prosperity, unity and diversity and integration without imposition. They told me that by definition, even people who portray neutral stances are also “Nazis” because they don’t fight against the police. When posed with the question of how their statement aligns with “Anarchism” the response received further reinforced the notion that they are domestic terrorists.


“Anarchists are against any government. Government imposes fascist laws and rules so they are the enemy too. Antifa today has evolved and we are the ones that can terrorize the people into submission and the Democratic Party recognizes this and this is why they support us.”

Fascists by definition are those that demand to silence hate speech, they commit genocide and ethnic cleansing and they use marginalized groups to purport their political goals. This is the definition Antifa representative across the US provided to me. I posed to all Antifa groups the evidence that this is in fact what they are doing. They wish to crush “hate” speech, they wish to eliminate all persons even their family to “cleanse” their land of “Nazis” and that they use minority groups to accomplish their goals. How can you call yourselves anti-fascists if you are actually by your own definition doing what fascist do?


All responses that I received during my interviews were similar and very alarming reinforcing my notion that they are indeed Domestic Terrorists.


“One day when we clean out our country from extreme fascists and neutral fascist like you, you will understand that we used your weapons against you. Terrorist groups are not like us they make exceptions we don’t. You are either with us or you are the enemy.”

The only purpose Antifa serve is to terrorize the general public and should be christened as Domestic Terrorists.


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                                                   ToRe is a conservative constitutionalist political talk radio host and pundit.                                                    She is also a published author, citizen journalist, USN veteran that runs

   her own medical research and is a federal contractor as a linguist.




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