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Do You See Cannabis as Your Ally?

Emily Peyton (Progressivism)

With all the cannabis plant can do, don’t you want to get to know her?

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Cannabis offers humans an active allied friendship.  But this is a plant! Friendship with a plant?  Even if you are not yet ready to entertain the mental concept of cannabis as a sentient-mindful species, and instead to you, it is just a plant, it is still ultimately very useful to you, as soon as you know what it can do! 

Cannabis comes in many forms (much the way a canine comes in so many forms) with all sorts of long, short, mean, nice, soft, smart, weird, and with different bodies and personalities. Some cannabis plants (like some dogs) certain people may not want to mess with, while another person will be fine with that plant. As it is with dogs, so it is with cannabis, there are so many forms.  

Chances are that cannabis, in some form, is very useful to you. First let us dispel any confusion. While historically terms have morphed and changed, currently the accepted legal definition of marijuana is any cannabis plant with more than .3% of THC.  Hemp, by definition, is any cannabis plant with less than .3% of THC.  So they are both members of the Cannabaceae family and their leaves look alike, but they are grown for very different purposes.

A field of hemp grown for fiber might be processed into a natural alternative for fiberglass, be used in auto bodies, or any hard plastic products that need a natural alternative. That same fiber crop could further by utilized to derive the hemp hurd (inner portion of the stalk to be used as  the aggregate for a building material) that is proving itself superior to conventional products in numerous regards. This material is known as Hempcrete, but it does not contain concrete.  This very same crop could also produce heating pellets for household comfort.

The Hemp industry could provide thousands of practical products, none of which are ingestible, and most of which are an improved version of conventional products.  Books are written about the multiplicity of purposes for the agricultural cannabis Hemp.  So, perhaps you, reader, may need a house that is toxin free for your child and that will not burn and will save you 60% of your energy bill. When you find hempcrete you will understand how much of an ally the cannabis plant is to humans. 

Cannabis hemp also offers enormous medicinal value when it propagated for it’s CBD content, CBD stands for cannabidiol.  This compound, the most present of numerous in the plant, aids the human endocannabinoid system to function much better. The endocannabinoid system is the system of nerve endings relaying information throughout the body so you can see why the CBD is proving itself as one of the best medical approaches to seizures. CBD also has other benefits, according to those in the know, it reduces anxiety and inflammation, all without getting the patient ‘high’.

I open with these possibilities offered by the cannabis hemp plant, because they are good for all and the reader should understand that this writer is skipping over so many products that can be made. Hemp can naturally, and cheaply, replace graphene for use in super-capacitors. 

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It’s important for everyone to embrace the friendship that cannabis hemp offers humans in their time of need. We should be thinking and talking about hemp Cannabis in the same breath that we talk about how much we can gain by using solar power. Hemp is THAT important to our renewable future, it’s as important as solar energy.

Now we turn to marijuana, and leaving aside the way the white patriarchy has demonized it, and used it as an excuse to serve all kinds of injustices upon peoples of color and peoples of lower economic classes, marijuana is a lot of things to a lot of people. It is their medicine, their alternative to liquor, or other drugs, it is their cancer cure, and their hypertension cure, their pain remedy and much more.  


However, I will not say that it is 100% benign and without pitfalls.  The dangers that I have observed are the abuse of marijuana by young people (whose brains have not fully developed, which sadly doesn’t happen until age 25) well past the age of fun experimentation.  Overuse by younger adults and teens make the body’s THC receptors more engrained and needy for it, so while the general claim is that marijuana is not addictive, this writer would not agree.  Some people prioritize their marijuana use over basic self-care or family care.  I have seen a father spend his last dollars on marijuana and leave his baby without diapers, and his family’s larder empty.  He is just an example of many others I have seen who irresponsibly prioritize marijuana. 

I live in Vermont and it has recently been legalized. It is not yet legal to sell in stores, but everyone can carry up to an ounce and grow plants for themselves.  This is a very good law that legalizes the cultivation of marijuana. The result of this law will have more people growing for their own needs, and while it may be a stretch for some to imagine, the plant will be responding to the personal energetic signature of the individual grower (in such a way that it becomes a plant specific remedy).  By allowing the people to grow, one can reduce the problem of allotting money that should be going to basic needs, if you don’t include the cost associated with zealous weed growers.  Growing one’s own medicine is vastly superior than purchasing it from another person, and additionally, one circumnavigates the risk of pot tainted with something detrimental.

A tax and regulate model that would benefit the people, and benefit the governments insatiable need for revenue, which could cover state-run testing stations (where growers bring their harvest for validation). Commercial growers would have their product tested and labeled against standards and regulations.  This allows the small-scale grower to profit from their harvest and protects the buyer by labeling levels of THC, CBD and other cannabis compounds. The State can run outlets or cannabis merchants can retail what has been tested for standards and labeled by the State. 

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Cannabis is an ally to humans, and this is what I hope the reader will understand. You may not wish to smoke marijuana, but there are still plenty of ways that cannabis can help you, help your health, and help heal our planet.

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Em Peyton is an activist in Vermont, specializing in policy for cannabis, monetary, inter-species and economic sovereignty. She is also a pen and ink artist and a alternative performance artist. She is currently working on a new political comedy, and growing her Hempfully Green business. She is working on expanding community with integrated designs for a New Paradigm, and calling for vision meetings around Vermont for the purpose of coming together and focusing on the future we want. 


E-Mail: emilypeyton2012@gmail.com

Twitter: @hempisawesome

Website: www.empeyton.com & www.hempfullygreen.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hempfullygreenhealinghouse


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/power2change

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