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Jerry Barnett Expanding "On Intersectionality and Feminism"​

Jerry Barnett (Libertarian-Left)


Judith Charpentier (Centrism)

I used to see feminism as a broadly benign, if often overrated, force. Over the past decade or so though, I've increasingly come to see feminism as not just harmful, but as a central force in the rise of a new western fascism. I documented this in my book Porn Panic!, which was published in 2016. As this article - which I broadly agree with - makes clear, feminism has expanded itself, via intersectionality, into every facet of identity politics. I particularly enjoyed this quote: "[Intersectionality is the] bastard child of tribalism mixed with a heavy dose of Marxism".


This is right, I think, although this really isn't Marxism, but a fascist movement that has seized the language and thought process of Marxism. Marxism, to its core, was concerned with the plight of the working class. Its priorities were first-and-foremost the alleviation of poverty and the improvement of living and working conditions for the poor. Intersectionality has no interest in the poor, and has been responsible for pushing the poor away from the political left, by replacing working class issues with the "oppressions" of selected minority groups: brown people, women, LGBT, and so on. Although the intersectional left pays lip service to working class issues, this is only superficial. The movements of the left - from the British Labour Party to the American Democrats - have been hijacked by the middle and upper classes, and been purged of the working classes.


The working class is not just outside of the new left, but has been turned into its enemy. The working class appears, in intersectional discussion, only in the role of the aggressor: the misogynist, the homophobe, the transphobe, the racist. Working class cultures are seen as particularly "problematic" by intersectionality. This particularly applies to black working class cultures such as hip hop and dancehall, which are attacked by neo-feminists, not for being black, but for "objectifying women" or "being homophobic".


At the spearhead of intersectional feminism are privileged white women, who have seized control of the old movements of the working class and turned them to regressive ends. These white women needed intersectionality as a cloak. By bringing token brown women, trans people and gay people into their movement, this takeover by the wealthy is presented instead as a takeover by the oppressed.


While the word "fascism" is overused, I believe it rightly applied here. The great threats to free speech and democracy come not from the far-right but the privileged, intersectional left, and any genuine anti-fascist movement needs to watch this movement with great care.

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