The Conservatives by Default


What is this election actually about?

The major parties are supposing that the top issues are affordability, climate change (and how radical of a plan “we need”), and Quebec’s Bill 21. I cannot understand why these are considered important topics while they are all but ignoring mass immigration, the behemoth welfare state, and a skyrocketing national debt (since all of these are the root causes of why Canadians are struggling, and polluting the planet). But regardless of all these political items, one thing stands out as paramount for casting your ballot…PM Trudeau’s record and Ministry over the last 4 years. This election should be framed as a referendum on Justin Trudeau and his government. That’s it.

The Liberal Party has been a colossal failure and they have lost the moral, political and economic authority to continue serving the country. Conversely, the Conservative Party of Canada under Andrew Scheer, is the only alternative that can hold the honour of governing Canada and hopefully this would be in a majority situation. PM Trudeau has shown himself to be incompetent, shallow, two-faced, and corrupt while Mr. Scheer is offering a largely centrist agenda that would reverse our economic hemorrhaging, refocus the country around pocketbook issues, cease the rampant virtue signaling, and halt the (seemingly endless) international embarrassments.

Furthermore, the Conservative Party is the only realistic alternative to the Trudeau Liberals because the NDP, Greens, Bloc Quebecois, and People’s Party have next to zero chance of forming a national government (or leading a coalition). I wish that all the registered national parties were viable alternatives to vote for, but Mr. Trudeau abandoned his electoral reform policy in 2017 (which I sincerely hope comes back to bite him).

This markedly reduces our choices to either “more of the same” under the Liberals, or, a pragmatic and strikingly moderate alternative in the Conservatives. Andrew Scheer, by default, is the only serious option available.

Un Mea Culpa Sur Monsieur Trudeau

Okay yes, I admit it. I voted for Mr. Trudeau and his local candidate (MP Chris Bittle) in 2015. Yes I deserve every laugh and hurled tomato you can find for this error and I deeply regret my decision. But, upon retrospection, I see that I was largely tricked by grand promises in slick packaging. At that time in my political evolution I was a green-tinged libertarian who bought into the promises of “middle class tax cuts”, cannabis legalization, electoral reform, and a more vibrant/youthful presence in Parliament. How wrong this turned out to be.

And just to be clear I am not someone suffering from “Trudeau Derangement Syndrome” (as many on the Right clearly are). I do not attach any special animosity towards our PM based on his personality cult, vanity, or salesman-like presentation. The main reasons a change in government is absolutely necessary is because Mr. Trudeau has been embroiled in disgraces, lies, hypocrisy, and numerous policy failings over the last 4 years. These would generally fall under 4 primary categories:


50% Female Ministers in Cabinet (unnecessary because merit should be the primary metric, not gender, race, sexuality or any other immutable characteristic)

Perpetual Government Deficits (these allegedly balance themselves but have not yet)

Securing New Trade Deals (trade deal with China halted after Huawei kerfuffle)

Indigenous Reconciliation (made tons of promises to finally settle this file, no obvious wins for anyone on this issue)

Omar Khadr Payout (Trudeau did not even try to fight it in court)

ISIS Reintegration in Canadian Society a.k.a “Extremist Travellers” (we have other options in dealing with these people)

Kinder Morgan Pipeline (bought it without asking Canada and has not done anything with it)

Quebec Border (inability to properly maintain our borders and stop illegal immigration)


Electoral Reform (the 2015 election was supposed to be “the last election under FPTP”)

Middle Class Tax Cuts (never happened and taxes actually went up)

Small Business Taxes (were not mentioned previously, but imposed anyways as they called entrepreneurs “tax cheats”)“

“My idea of freedom is that we should protect the rights of people to believe what their conscience dictates, but fight equally hard to protect people from having the beliefs of others imposed upon them.” - Justin Trudeau (tried to take away funding from groups with pro-life views)


Aga Khan Scandal (1st ethics breach laid by the Ethics Commissioner)

$12m for Loblaw refrigerators (unnecessary and wasteful)

$2.7 Billion Bailout for Bombardier (need those Quebec seats!)

$600 Million Bailout for Legacy Media (many people don’t even want the CBC little long public money being given to biased news agencies)

Finance Ministers Morneau's Financial Holdings (conflict of interest investigation still ongoing)

SNC Lavalin Affair (2nd ethics breach laid by the Ethics Commissioner, no other Prime Minister has even had 1)


Incessant Apologetics to "social justice" Groups (Women, Indigenous Peoples, LGBTQ, Muslims)

Proudness of Socks (Trudeau never fails to show off his footwear to world leaders at international events)

"Islamaphobia" Motion 103 (shameless pandering to Muslim voters)

Praising Oppressive Dictators (Castro's death eulogy)

India Trip Fiasco (you’ve seen the costumes…enough said)

“Peoplekind” (inventing a non-sensical word and mansplaining it to a female questioner)

Elbowgate (rudely pushing his way to the front of Parliament and hitting a woman in the process)

Ambassador McCallum Defending Huawei (Trudeau’s own personnel siding with the Chinese government)

Kokanee Groper (doesn’t adhere to the feminist ideology he espouses)

Blackface Scandal (Probably the biggest election scandal in all of Canadian history)

This is my case against PM Trudeau and if these accumulated problems with his ministry are not proof enough that he should be removed from office, then there is nothing more I can possibly say to convince you. These are not the actions and policies of a serious statesman who represents a G-8 nation. Trudeau is staggeringly corrupt and consistently contradicting himself in the most overt ways manageable. Aside from his government’s legalization of cannabis, the entire 4 years were a roving disaster of identity politics, government inefficiency, and rampant virtue signalling. Legal marijuana does not a government base itself upon.

Re-Normalizing Canadian Politics

Despite what I see on social media, and read in certain sectors of the legacy media, Scheer is not a bigot, Nazi, homophobe, fascist, or Alt-Right enabler. He is quite simply a mild-mannered family man who has spent a majority of his adult life in Canadian politics and who wishes to make economic prosperity a top priority for his government.

His ministry, like his personality, will likely be milquetoast and predictable. No radical environmental policies, no horribly staged public photo-ops (“Hey look!! The PM happens to be jogging by our wedding photo!!), no condescending wokeness, and no obnoxious “progressive” authoritarianism will be disguised as intrinsic wisdom. If Scheer is elected PM we will have a moderate, polite, kind, plain, and professional man who will put jobs, taxes, and debt back into the political sphere and throw the divisive and absurd culture wars in the trash. He would essentially be the reliable accountant you send a Christmas card to.

And that is the way it should be. Look around the world and see what the “big personalities” leading major countries are presenting to the planet. Do we want to be part of that game? The Conservatives want to refocus the national conversation back onto Canadian issues instead of seeking out globalist approval from the UN, the EU, and Davos. Scheer says he will cut foreign aid by $1.5 billion, get government spending back in line with reality, introduce a Universal Tax Cut, remove GST from home energy bills, incentivize green tech with a Home Renovation Tax Credit, and ease the pain on young families by removing tax on parental benefits (all can be found here). Especially nice to see in the Conservative platform is the commitment to reduce corporate welfare, eliminating a useless carbon tax, spreading out the spending on infrastructure projects, expanding the oversight powers of ethics commissioners, and introducing real penalties for breaking the law.

Reading through their platform you get the sense that Scheer is trying to right a ship that was set astray by a derelict captain too focused on fidgeting with his uniform. We need a return to normalcy instead of doubling down on absurdity.


In a campaign that started with black face I hope it ends with an electoral black eye for the Liberal Party. Over the past 4 years I went from cautiously embracing “sunny ways”, to annoyingly accepting compromise in his agenda, to being put off with his incessent virtue signalling, to being extremely skeptical of his policies, to downright rejecting the whole Liberal Party, and now, not seriously considering them again until every single sitting MP (and the hierarchy i.e. Gerald Butts, and Katie Telford) gets ousted, quits, or retires from politics. Trudeau has lost me on the Liberal Party for at least a decade.

This is an election about Trudeau and his government. Scheer may not be perfect, but he’s the best Canada can hope for on election day.