Mike Stuchbery Rebutting “Antifa: Domestic Terrorists”


Mike Stuchbery (Liberalism)


Tore Lindeman (Nationalism)


First, thank you for your service - it might sound odd coming from someone who has written in defence of Antifa. Hear me out, however. 

'Antifa’ is more than a bunch of guys that you met in Portland, who may or may not be responding in all seriousness, or good faith. 


As you stated, 'Antifa’ has had a synergy with anarchism in the decades since the Second World War. It has no leader, no centralised structure, no shared tenets or creed. Instead, it is situational, flexible and transitory. 


'Antifa’ has meant many, many things over last fifty years, with but with only one shared aim - the confrontation of those who would marginalise, denigrate or harm minorities.


Yes, there are those within the larger movement that have an anti-capitalist agenda, one that that may seem inimical to many Americans.


However, these only comprise only part of a much larger whole, one that includes everyone from the staunchest of Marxists to centrist libertarians.


The overthrow of government, or the forced introduction of socialism is not the goal of 'Antifa’, and the vast majority of those who call themselves thus would completely reject the idea. 


So, again, thank you for your service - many of us who call ourselves 'Antifa’ can and do recognize the role armed forces play in safeguarding liberty. 


Therefore would it be a wise idea to classify 'Antifa’ as a domestic terrorist organization? 


No, because it has no structure, no leaders, no creed. How do you prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that someone is part of the movement? 


No, because it has no ideological basis beyond stopping those who would marginalize others based on who they are. 


No, because nowhere does it have a direct threat to the government of the United States or its people, as part of its core mission - arguably something that each prescribed domestic terrorist organization does.


No, because completely central to America's perception of itself, at least in the eyes of this foreigner, is a struggle against tyranny and injustice. 


To classify 'Antifa’ as a domestic terrorist organisation would be to prevent Americans from exercising their right to freely express themselves. 


Arguably, it may even impinge on their Second Amendment rights to bear arms - and I know how utterly integral that is to many. 


You say that you want America to succeed and be prosperous. 


There is nothing within the broad spectrum of ideas that those within 'Antifa’ hold, that is counter to that same goal. 


Indeed, anti-fascism could be argued to be the safeguarding of prosperity, and ensuring the opportunity for all to go about making a better life for themselves, without the threat of force. 


Surely, that's something you can believe in, and support?