Elizabeth Hobson's Rebuttal to

'Guns don’t kill people, people do...

But it’s a lot easier to kill people with guns’

Elizabeth Hobson (Libertarianism)


William Costello (Center-Right)


How does America compare to other countries in the developed world?


It is self-evident that the U.S. would rate highly with regards to firearms homicides as compared to much of the rest of the developed world where guns are regulated far more highly. As I mentioned in my piece, what is interesting to me is the correlation between safety and legal gun ownership that can be discerned within states. 


 Furthermore, Switzerland has the third highest rate of gun ownership in the world with an overall murder rate... Close to zero  I’m a little lost with where the suicide rate stat in this piece comes from. A quick Wiki suggests that the U.S. rates at 34th in the global list of countries by suicide rate, under Belgium, for example, where gun laws are restrictive. Not only do I refuse to place the blame for the U.S. suicide rate on guns however, I suggest that people will kill themselves and when guns are difficult to come by they are more likely to choose to die in more painful ways. The most common forms in the U.K. are hanging/suffocation and poisoning. I know how I’d rather go.


Again, it’s unclear where the 1/3 of global mass shootings are U.S. based comes from, I couldn’t find it with a brief search, however (according to Wikipedia) the U.S. rates 94th in the list of countries by intentional homicide rate. 


I fully agree with the authors’ assessment of gun free zones in schools, his suggestion strikes me as highly sensible. 

I also concur with his sympathy for police who must encounter far higher levels of stress on a regular basis due to the prevalence of guns on the streets they patrol – and, yes, I do believe that U.S. police, as a rule, use their own firearms in response to actual or perceived threats from citizens who have (or they have reason to believe have) guns. However, the number of crimes that are prevented by guns is unquantifiable but potentially significant and citizens should have the right to protect themselves.


The “gun show loophole” is ridiculous – some kind of background check seems reasonable and with 40-60% of gun crime being committed with legally obtained weapons, a registry could be a good idea too. The idea that obtaining a gun license should be as difficult as obtaining a license to fly a plane though shows a charming naïvety when it comes to gun culture, even in the U.K. gun licenses are awarded to children. 

Before there is a conversation around banning guns, I’d be willing to compromise with some of the ideas put forward by this author.


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