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Third Wave Feminism


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Editorial & Special Guests

Editor's Notes on Third Wave Feminism

Meet the New Feminism, Same as the Old Feminism 

by Janice Fiamengo


Decolonizing the Wave

by Lala Drew (Progressivism)

Why I'm Not a Feminist

by Katherine Revello (Classical Liberalism)

DIY Spirit of the Third Wave

by Evan Klim (Democratic Socialism)

Feminists Do Not Get to Define Feminism

by Elizabeth Hobson (Libertarianism)

Where We Stand

by Kristi Winters (Liberalism)

On Intersectionality and Feminism

by Judith Charpentier (Centrism)

In Defense of Second Wave Feminism

by Felicity Koba Sharpe (Communism)

Is Third Wave Feminism Really a Movement?

by Jerry Barnett (Libertarian Left)

The Authoritarian Fight for 'Equality'

by Mae Fengári (Anarchism)

Interviews & Art

Chelsea Brown Artwork

Anne Derenne Cartoon

A Lighthouse in the Dark 

by Diana Davison


Evan Klim Vs. Judith Charpentier

Felicity Sharpe Vs. Katherine Revello

Katherine Revello Vs. Evan Klim

Maegen Fengari Vs. Felicity Sharpe

LaLa Drew Vs. Judith Charpentier

Elizabeth Hobson Vs. LaLa Drew

Judith Charpentier Vs. Felicity Sharpe

Kristi Winters Vs. Katherine Revello

Jerry Barnett Vs. Judith Charpentier


In this issue of PoliQuads we explore the topic of Third Wave Feminism. 

  • How does the "3rd Wave" fit in amongst feminist movements of the past 100 years?

  • What are the most pressing issues facing contemporary feminists and how should they be dealt with?

  • How does feminism fit into a larger conversation about intersectionality?

  • Who decides what proper feminism is and how is it put into practice?

  • How does #MeToo, #TimesUp, or the Women’s March connect to 3rd Wave feminism?

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